Forever My Love: Neil’s Story

Love always finds its way. Despite the struggles you have to go through, the suffering there is, love can always find its way if two souls are loyal to each other. Amber Lee’s Masterpiece “Forever My Love: Neil’s Story” is an amazing blend of Romance and Intimacy. Neil, the heartthrob of millions. He plays the role of a lead vocalist of a band called “Around the Campfire”. Neil is portrayed as a handsome hunk, the most physically appealing lead vocalist in any boyband. The second protagonist is played by Amber, the girl-next-door. Despite Amber being an average girl and Neil having the whole world at his feet, Amber falls madly in love with Neil.

Amber’s life changes when Neil maintains eye contact with Amber during a live concert. Sparks fly all around, butterflies in the stomach and every other mixed feeling makes their hearts beat faster. Despite having no clue about what the future holds for both of them, they both become destined to stay by each other’s side throughout their lives. Neil taking a huge leap in his career and Amber, turning her life around by loving a superstar! The story takes multiple turns as the couple engages in intimate and romantic phases of their lives.

Finding it difficult to deal with the hypocritical world around them, they vow never to leave each other’s side despite the consequences. Nearly after losing the love of his life, Neil takes the hand of his forever love, Amber and takes their relationship one step further. Read more today to find out how they end up in the end after facing so many troubles, all at once!

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Amber Lee

This book is a feast for those who understand the feeling of loving someone and to be loved back. Can love survive after bearing hardships or is it destined to break the hearts of those who love each other unconditionally? This book answers all of the questions about love through this romantic and intimate love story.

Grab your copy today and read how the love story of Neil and Amber deals with hypocrite people around them and takes the couple on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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