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Amber Lee

A young passionate writer with an amazing love story. Amber Lee is an outstanding author who writes young adult romantic comedy to provide a masterpiece for her readers. She has recently written a book called “Forever My Love: Neil’s Story.” In her book, she has expressed her feelings and emotions through words.

Her book is a work of art that portrays the story of two madly in love individuals willing to stand right next to each other through thick and thin. Out of all the obstacles the couple faces and hardships that can easily break them down, they decide to stand tall and set an example for all the lovers out there.

This aspiring writer is from the beautiful state of New Hampshire. When she isn’t writing, Amber Lee loves to work and play with children. She has a special bond with children and believes they are the most beautiful creation of God. She also loves to travel to different places, unlike every other adventure enthusiast.

She likes to hang-out with friends because she shares an amazing bond with every person she knows personally. Going to concerts with her friends is one of her most favorite activities to participate in because music really touches her soul.

A musician is really able to communicate with the audience through the music they produce which is admired by millions of people around the world. Baking is also an enjoyable indoor activity that helps her calm down and get through difficult times of her life.

Self-reflection is far from the most helpful thing in allowing the person to realize their own worth. Spending time with her family is as important as writing a book for her beloved clients. Her family is the most significant part of her family. Her dog, Marley is one of the best companions she has in her life. Besides, a dog is a human’s best friend. Forever by their side.

Needless to say, Amber is an outspoken and fun-loving woman who wishes to live her life to the fullest and enjoy every single moment of it. As much as she has enjoyed every place she’s visited, Ireland remains her favorite. It is not long before she travels the whole world and discovers the beauty of every country there is to be traveled.

Amber Lee is not only an aspiring writer but an inspiration for many people out there who either lack confidence or have low self-esteem. She conveys the message of love and harmony amongst every living being there is.